Sunday School Quiz – Lesson 55: A Young Couple

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#1 Why was Mary chosen to be the mother of Jesus?

We don’t know exactly why Mary was chosen – only the Lord knows that.  But we do know that Mary was a humble Christian, who was happy to do whatever God wanted her to do.  Otherwise, she was an ‘ordinary’ person, and certainly not rich.


#2 The name ‘Jesus’ means:

The Lord Jesus Christ is all of those four things to us, but the name ‘Jesus’ means Saviour.


#3 Jesus had another name, Emmanuel, which means ‘God with us’. This teaches us that:

Jesus is a man, but He is also truly God.  He belonged in Heaven, but He left that behind for our sake, and lived a very humble (and difficult) life here on earth.


#4 Who was Jesus’ true father?

Joseph was Mary’s husband, but Jesus’ Father was God the Father Himself.


#5 When Joseph heard that Mary was expecting a baby, he decided he could not marry her. But what actually happened?

Joseph had a visit from an angel, who told him that Mary had done nothing wrong, and that the baby was God’s son. Joseph was then very happy to marry Mary.


#6 Jesus was born at Bethlehem because:

Joseph and Mary lived in Nazareth, but they had to travel to Bethlehem (Joseph’s family home) for a census (that’s when everyone in the country is counted).  Also, God had decided that Bethlehem was where Jesus must be born.


#7 Where was Jesus born?

Jesus was born in a very humble, and probably dark and dirty stable.  Most kings want to be rich and admired, but Jesus was not like this.  He was willing to live a hard life, and to die a terrible death, all for our sake.


#8 When the angel visited Mary, he told her that Jesus’ kingdom would last:

The Lord Jesus Christ will be King forever!


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