Where do we meet?

The map below shows the location of the building. directions

The church is accessible from Peverell Park Road and there is a car park accessible from Glendower Road.


Here is the actual address for those of you wishing to program a SatNav:

Peverell Park Methodist Church
Peverell Park Road

Who are we?

We are a reformed Baptist church meeting in Peverell. Our aim is to worship and serve the one true living God in accordance with the teaching of His Word (i.e. the Bible.).

We hold public services on Sundays as follows: a morning ‘Teaching’ Service at 10.30am and an evening ‘Gospel’ Service at 6.30pm. Both services are characterised by deep reverence and true Christian joy. And we would always recommend the evening service for a first time visit.

We meet on Mondays for prayer at 7.30pm and on Wednesdays for Bible Study also at 7.30pm

We hold occasional public meetings in the city (usually in Plymouth University) to address the vital issues of the day.