Sunday School

After more than a year of online Sunday School, we are very pleased to announce that we will be restarting in person from 2nd May 2021.

From Sunday 23 May 2021 we will be running the minibuses again. If you would like us to collect your children, please get in touch.

Of course, due to COVID-19, Sunday School will be a bit different to what the children and young people will remember, and if you would like to know what measures are being taken to keep them safe, our COVID-19 risk assessment can be found below.

Looking for previous weeks?

All of the online Sunday School material is still available. Please click on the links below to quickly find what you are looking for.

March – October 2020

November – December 2020

January – April 2021


Click here to see a display of the beautiful colouring that has been returned recently.