Quiz 29th March 20

Have a go at the quiz below, based on the lessons from the life of Paul and others.


Well done, you have remembered a lot about the life of Paul and those he met. The changes in their lives are a good lesson to us. Have you believed, and are you changed?

Have another go!

#1 Saul was heading to Damascus when he saw a light and heard a voice. Why was he going to Damascus?

Saul hated Christians and had been given permission to go and arrest anyone preaching about Jesus.


#2 Paul met a lady called Lydia whilst preaching by the river in Philippi. What did Lydia sell?

Lydia sold purple, which was very expensive. Rich people wore purple to let everyone know that they were very rich.


#3 After Paul stopped the Jailor at the prison in Philippi from taking his own life, what did the Jailor ask?

The Jailer was worried about what would happen to him after the earthquake released all of the prisoners’ chains. After Paul stopped him, his main concern became how to become a Christian.


#4 While in Athens, Paul preached to the people about the true God. Why? What had he seen?

Paul was visiting Athens when he saw the idol “to the unknown god”. All the other so called gods were false, but he saw this as a chance to tell them about the real God, who Paul knew. Do we know Him too, or is he unknown to us?


#5 Why was there a riot while Paul was in Ephesus?


#6 Paul spoke to Felix while a prisoner, and Felix said he would hear Paul again. Why?


#7 Paul wrote a letter to a friend about a salve who had run away and become a Christian. What was the name of the slave?


#8 All the people we heard about (except Felix) changed after hearing the gospel. What did they have to do?