Quiz – Sunday 3rd May 2020

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Well done! You’ve remembered a lot from the lesson today. Here’s a final question: are you trusting God’s plan or your own plan for your life?

Good effort with room for improvement. Here’s a final question: are you trusting God’s plan or your own plan for your life?


#1 Have you watched the lesson?

Just checking! If not, you can see it here.


#2 Why did Abraham believe that Isaac shouldn’t marry one of the Canaanites?


#3 Eliezer was sent to Haran to try and find Isaac a wife which was a very big responsibility. Why was Eliezer not worried or nervous about the task he was set to do?

Eliezer had previously seen how the Lord had answered many prayers of Abraham and trusted that He would help him in this matter.


#4 Eliezer prayed to the Lord that he would be given a sign to know when he would meet the woman who would become Isaac’s wife. What did Rebekah do that meant Eliezer knew she was the right woman?


#5 How did Rebekah respond when Eliezer asked her to return with him to Isaac and Abraham?

Rebekah trusted in the Lord God and was ready to follow His plan for her.


#6 Previously God had promised Abraham that his family would one day become as difficult to count as the grains of sand on the sea-shore or the stars in the sky. How did the Lord begin to answer this promise?

Well done if you got this one because it wasn’t in the lesson!


#7 In our lives, especially as we become older, we have many big decisions to make. For example, what job shall I take? Where shall I live? Who shall I marry? What should we do when making important decisions?

The Lord God has promised that if we trust and follow Him through our lives that ‘all things will work together for good to them that love God’ (Romans 8 vs 28).


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