Sunday School Quiz – 10 May 2020

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Well done – you have remembered the lesson very well. Will you seek the Lord today?

Perhaps you should have another look at the lesson. But before you do, here’s another question to consider: will you seek the Lord today?


#1 Have you watched this week’s lesson?

Just checking!


#2 Isaac and Rebekah were very sad because they did not have any children. What did they do?

They brought everything to God in prayer.  This is what we should do too, when we have difficult things in our lives.


#3 God answered Isaac and Rebekah’s prayers, and He gave them twin sons, Esau and Jacob. God told them that:

The two boys were very different, and they were enemies for many years.  God told Isaac and Rebekah that Jacob would be stronger than Esau.


#4 Esau had a choice to make. He decided to have the meal, and he gave up the birthright (the blessing). Why?

Esau was very hungry.  But he was also very careless, and he gave up the birthright as though it meant nothing to him.


#5 Which are the things that we should value very much?

Yes, all these things are hugely valuable. No money or possession can compare with them.


#6 How did Jacob try to get the blessing for himself?

He tricked his father.  He did get the blessing, because that was what God had decided – but God was not pleased with his lies.


#7 What happened after Isaac gave the blessing to Jacob, and not to Esau?

Esau was very angry, and wanted to kill Jacob.  However, he had spent his life not caring about the Lord, and sadly, he deserved to lose the blessing.


#8 When must we believe on the Lord Jesus Christ?

We often talk about this, and the correct answer is now! Today!


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