Sunday School Quiz – 7th June 2020

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Well done! Bible verse: “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.” Isaiah ch. 55 v. 8

Oh dear. Do you want another go?!

Bible verse: “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.” Isaiah ch. 55 v. 8


#1 Have you watched this week’s lesson?

We hope you listened well and that you understood it well by concentrating.


#2 Why did Joseph’s brothers try to kill Joseph and then sell him into slavery?

Jacob loved his son Joseph more than his other sons and this made them jealous of Joseph.


#3 Who was Potiphar?

Potiphar was a captain in Pharaoh, the King of Egypt’s army. He was in charge of many soldiers and was a powerful and highly respected man.


#4 What did Potiphar think of Joseph?

Potiphar greatly respected Joseph because Joseph, with the Lord’s help, proved himself to be an honest, hardworking and trustworthy man. Potiphar gave Joseph many important duties, far beyond what slaves would normally do.


#5 Why was Joseph not disheartened about being a slave?

Joseph loved God and knew that God was with him through all his difficult times. God loved and looked after Joseph and used all the events in Joseph’s life to glorify Himself.


#6 What item did Joseph leave when he fled Potiphar’s wife?

Potifar’s wife grabbed Joseph’s by his garment but Joseph fled quickly leaving the clothing in the woman’s hand. He fled from the temptation to sin against the God he loved.


#7 Why was Joseph respected in Prison?

Joseph was an honest, hardworking and could be totally trusted. He was an example of how a Christian should be. A Christian should love his neighbour and do good to them.


#8 Why were Pharaoh’s butler and baker put in prison?

The butler and baker had somehow offended Pharaoh and he was very angry with them and wanted them punished.


#9 Why was Joseph the only one able to interpret the dreams for the butler and baker?

The dreams were given to the butler and baker by Almighty God. Only one of God’s people could be given the knowledge to interpret the dreams. Joseph was shown by God what the dreams meant so that God’s plan could happen.


#10 Joseph went through many hard and difficult times but remained happy and content throughout. Why was this?

God always comforts Christians and even when they go through difficult times God is always with them and gives them peace and joy in their hearts.


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