Sunday School (November – December 2020)

As we can’t meet for the time being, we are going to put some materials for the children here – a sort of virtual Sunday School. Over the next few weeks we will upload various activities, quizzes and videos for children. Scroll down for more.


Click here to see a display of the beautiful colouring that has been returned recently.

Sunday 27th December – Christmas/New Year

This week’s lesson on the end of the year, and looking forward to a new year:

This week’s memory verse is from 1 Timothy chapter 1:

Here is this week’s Christmas quiz.

Sunday 20th December – Christmas Theme

This week’s Christmas-themed lesson with Mr Christopher:

This week’s memory verse with Mr Butler:

Here is this week’s quiz.

Sunday 13th December – Two Recruits

Our lesson this week is about two men who got the wrong idea…

This week our memory verse is from Luke 9 vs 58:

When you’ve watched the lesson, see how well you do in the quiz here.

Sunday 6th December – A Street Woman

This week’s lesson is from Luke 7 vs 36-50. Over to you, Mr Riedel….

Have a go at the quiz…WHEN YOU’VE WATCHED THE LESSON!

Sunday 29th November – A Wealthy Taxman

This week our lesson is about Zaccheus, a very rich tax collector.

Our memory verse is from Luke chapter 19 verse 10:

After watching the lesson, try this week’s quiz here.

Sunday 22nd November – A Housekeeper

Click below for this week’s lesson with Mr Christopher:

This week’s memory verse with Mr Butler:

Test how well you listened to the lesson with this week’s quiz.

Try the Bible Class quiz here… good luck!

Sunday 15th November – An Army Officer

This week our lesson is about a Roman Centurion:

And the verse for you to learn this week is from Luke chapter 7 vs 7:

After you’ve watched the lesson (above) have a go at this quiz to see how well you were listening.

Sunday 8th November – Working Men

This week’s lesson looks at some more people that Jesus met:

And here is this week’s memory verse:

Did you listen well in the lesson? Let’s see with this week’s quiz.

Sunday 1st November – **NEW SERIES** – A Young Couple

This week we are starting a new series about people who met the Lord Jesus:

This week’s memory verse is from Luke chapter 1:

When you have watched this week’s lesson, try the quiz to see how much you have understood here.

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