Sunday School Quiz – 12th July 2020

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Well done!

Not so good this time.


#1 Have you watched this week’s lesson?

You should definitely watch the lesson first!


#2 In today’s lesson we heard about how crowds of people came to hear the Lord Jesus preaching. Only one boy brought food with him which the Lord Jesus used to feed the people. What food did the boy bring with him?

The only person in that huge crowd who had some food with them was a little boy who had 5 barley loaves and 2 fish.


#3 How many people did the Lord Jesus feed with that food?

There were 5000 men without counting the women and children.


#4 How many baskets of leftover food did the disciples collect?

The 12 baskets of leftovers was more food than at the start! The Lord Jesus had done a most wonderful miracle.


#5 How was Jesus able to perform such an amazing miracle?

The Lord Jesus was no ordinary man. He was (and is) the Creator God and could do anything.


#6 Why does The Lord Jesus describe himself as ‘The Bread of Life’?

We all know what it is to have an empty stomach – to need food to satisfy our rumbling tummies! Similarly, our soul is empty and needs something to satisfy it. People try all sorts of different things like money, careers, possessions, fun and entertainment, but the emptiness always returns sooner or later. The only One Who can give us what we really need and truly satisfy our needy souls for ever is the Lord Jesus. That is why He called Himself the Bread of Life.


#7 How can we obtain spiritual life from the Lord Jesus?

“Repent and believe!” It is so simple – even simpler than going to the shop to buy bread – and we will have the love of Jesus in our hearts, a deep peace that will never fade, a hope that cannot be measured and a joy that is impossible to describe. What a Saviour!


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