Sunday School Quiz – 13th September 2020

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#1 Have you watched the lesson?

Do we really need to ask after all these weeks?!


#2 Moses was an Israelite (one of God’s people) but after being found by an Egyptian princess as a baby he grew up in the Pharaoh’s palace. What sort of life would Moses have had living there?

Moses was raised as a prince of Egypt and as such enjoyed all that comes with being royalty.


#3 The rest of the Israelites (God’s people) were kept as slaves in Egypt. What would their lives have been like? (The picture is a big clue!)

The people of Israel were treated cruelly and their lives were difficult with little money and back-breaking work. So Moses’ life and the people’s lives were as different as they could possibly be.


#4 Moses had to make a decision about how he would live the rest of his life. What decision did he make?

Moses knew that he could not carry on living as an Egyptian because they had no time for God. He loved God and knew that the right place for him was with God’s people.


#5 Why did Moses decide to join with God’s people rather than stay in the palace?

The same is true for us today. There is nothing in this world – even all its riches, fame and power – that can compare with God’s love.


#6 Moses saw an Egyptian hurting one of God’s people and whilst trying to defend them Moses ended up killing the Egyptian man. When the Pharaoh found out he tried to find Moses and have him killed but Moses managed to escape. Where did Moses go?

Moses ran away and worked as a shepherd where Pharaoh would not find him. He hid there for 40 years!


#7 Complete this Bible verse (see Matthew chapter 6 verses ): “Lay not up for yourselves treasures on earth where moth and rust and thieves break through and steal. But lay up for yourselves……..”


#8 Like Moses, we have a choice to make in our lives. What is the most important choice for us?

Whether we believe in the Lord Jesus and repent of our sins or not is not just the most important choice for our lives, but it is the decision that will decide where we spend eternity after we leave this world. You must choose the Lord today, without waiting another week or even another night.

Remember our chorus:

Choose you this day Whom you will serve,
Choose you this day Whom you will serve;
But as for me, as for me, as for me, as for me,
I will serve the Lord.


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