Sunday School Quiz – 20th September 2020

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Well done!

Oh dear – not a pleasant surprise after a lesson of surprises! You’d better have another go 😊


#1 Have you watched this week’s lesson?

Surely we don’t need to check do we?!


#2 Moses had run away from Egypt and his life in Pharaoh’s palace. What did Moses do for the next 40 years?

Moses settled into a very quiet and humble life looking after his father-in-law’s sheep.


#3 One day when Moses was in the desert looking after the sheep, he saw an amazing sight. What was it?

He got the first surprise of the day when he saw the bush on fire, but it wasn’t turning black or getting burned up.


#4 When Moses stopped to go and investigate the burning bush, he heard a voice calling his name. Whose voice was it?

This was the second great surprise of the day: to hear the voice of God calling his name!


#5 What does the fact that God could talk to Moses from the burning bush tell us?

Although we can’t see God or hear His voice as Moses did, He is still a living God. He sees everything we do and knows our every thought, and He speaks through His word, the Bible.


#6 When Moses approached the burning bush, God stopped him and told him to take off his shoes. Why?

The Bible helps us to understand how holy God is. The Bible helps our consciences to work and understand that we are all sinful, and we need to be humble and repent of our sins.


#7 What did God tell Moses?

God loves His people and doesn’t want them to suffer. He set out a plan to stop the suffering of the Israelites and lead them to the Promised Land.


#8 What does God’s plan for the Israelites tells us about our own lives?

We can never earn our own freedom from sin or make ourselves good enough for Heaven, but God has always had a plan to save us, by sending the Lord Jesus to take our punishment.


#9 Moses doubted that anyone would listen to him or follow him, because he didn’t know what to say and nobody would believe God had spoken to him. Why was Moses wrong?

God has power over everything. He created everything, including us. We can ask God to help us when we pray to Him and he can help us to have His power over sins in our lives.


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