Sunday School Quiz – 21st June 2020

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#1 Have you watched this week’s lesson?

It’s definitely a good idea to watch the lesson first!


#2 What was the name of Joseph’s youngest brother?

Benjamin was Joseph’s youngest brother and loved very dearly by their father Jacob.


#3 When the silver cup was found in Benjamin’s sack, Joseph said that Benjamin must now be his slave. When he heard this, Judah said that he would …

Judah was now very sorry for all the wicked things they had done to Joseph. Now, he was willing to suffer harm himself, so that Benjamin could go home to his father.


#4 Why did Joseph weep?

Joseph loved his brothers, and when he saw them, he was so full of joy that he could not help weeping.


#5 Why were the brothers afraid of Joseph?

Joseph was a very kind man. The problem was that the brothers knew that they had done him a great wrong many years ago, and they deserved to be punished.


#6 What did Joseph believe about everything that had happened to him?

God sent Joseph to Egypt, in His wonderful plan. The brothers meant to do Joseph harm, but God over-ruled for good.


#7 What does a Christian think about their life?

If we are a Christian, we know that God will look after us throughout our lives. God is in charge, and He will see to it that the even the hard things will turn out to be for our good.


#8 What happened to Jacob and all the brothers?

Joseph made sure that they all came to Egypt, and he looked after them all.


#9 This was a ‘happy ending’ for Joseph and all his family. A Christian knows that they have a ‘happy ending’ too. What does this mean?

Life is sometimes difficult, but a Christian knows that they have the Lord Jesus as their friend, and they have a place in Heaven to be with him forever.


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