Sunday School Quiz – 26th July

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Well done! One final question: is the Lord Jesus Christ your Good Shepherd?

Hmm, not so good. Before you have another go, here’s one final question: is the Lord Jesus Christ your Good Shepherd?


#1 Have you watched this week’s lesson?

Just making sure!


#2 In this week’s lesson, Jesus is described as the Good Shepherd. What type of people were shepherds?

Shepherds spent most of their time with their flocks in all weathers and seasons, day and night. There were thieves, wild animals and many other dangers to contend with while they kept their sheep safe, so they were most definitely tough and brave people.


#3 Why do sheep need a shepherd?

Sheep without a shepherd would be in a lot of difficulty, especially in a desert country with wild animals and thieves on the prowl, so they depend on their shepherd for everything.


#4 The Lord Jesus was often followed by a big crowd of people. How did He think of those people?

The Lord Jesus feels the same about us – that we are like sheep without a shepherd. He is full of love and compassion when He sees how much we need Him and longs for us to be part of His flock.


#5 A shepherd would put his own life at risk to save his sheep. If we are compared to the sheep, what do we need to be saved from?

We are all lost, unfulfilled, injured, in danger and full of sin. There is no one who can cure the disease of sin except the Lord Jesus Christ.


#6 How has the Lord Jesus saved Christians from sin and death?

It was the only way that sin could be punished and guilty sinners saved from the punishment that they deserve, so the Lord Jesus came into the world to be one of us and to suffer in our place.


#7 If we are all like sheep, needing the Lord Jesus to be our Good Shepherd to save us, how do we find Him?

We must listen to His call with our hearts as well as our ears.


#8 How should we respond if we hear the Lord Jesus, the Good Shepherd, calling us?


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