Sunday School Quiz – Christmas Lesson week 2

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Well done!

Perhaps too many mince pies has slowed down your brain! Have another go.


#1 Which of the statements about the Lord Jesus is true?

All of these.  Jesus looked like one of us when He lived on earth, but He is truly God. He is the only one who has ever lived, to be perfect.  And He is eternal – He has no beginning, and no end.


#2 When the wise men came to visit Jesus, they brought gifts, including gold. Why did they bring gold?

Jesus was going to be very poor, all through His life.  But He is King of all the earth!


#3 The wise men also brought myrrh – why?

Even at the time Jesus was born, true Christians were looking forward to the time that, as promised, Jesus would die for His people.


#4 Herod asked the wise men to tell him where Jesus was. Why did he want to know?

He knew Jesus was to be King – this made Herod jealous and afraid, and he wanted to kill Jesus.  But the wise men were warned by God not to tell Herod anything.


#5 What did the shepherds do, after the angels came to tell them about the Lord Jesus?

They believed the angels, and were so amazed and happy that they got up straight away – they could not wait to see the Lord Jesus for themselves.


#6 Why did the shepherds rejoice when they saw the Lord Jesus?

All of these (and more!).  The shepherds knew that this was no ordinary baby, but the Lord Himself, come down from heaven to save us.


#7 When we hear about the birth of the Lord Jesus in Bethlehem I should:

We should repent today, and ask Him to be my Saviour. Our nice presents don’t last for ever (they may not last very long at all!).  But if we put our trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, He will save us, and will be a wonderful Friend for ever.


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