Sunday School Quiz – Lesson 53 – Protection

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#1 The Israelites had escaped from slavery in Egypt after the plagues sent by God and finally the Passover night. The next day, when Pharaoh realised that the Israelites had all gone, what did he do?


#2 Pharaoh set off after the Israelites with hundreds of chariots and horses and men. They soon caught up with the Israelites. How did the Israelites react?

The Israelites knew they were powerless against the Egyptians, but they were still not entirely trusting in God to save them.


#3 How did the Lord God protect the Israelites?

The Israelites could see the protection that God put between them and the Egyptians. If we trust God to protect us, He will separate us from the sins that spoil our lives.


#4 Moses told the Israelites to stand still and to wait to see how God would save them. What happened next?


#5 The next day, the Egyptians followed the Israelites in crossing through the Red Sea. What happened to them?

The enemy was defeated by God’s power and our enemy, sin, can be defeated if we trust in the Lord Jesus and repent of our sins.


#6 God protected the Israelites from the Egyptians. What can he protect us from today?

The Lord Jesus died on the cross to take the punishment for our sins. He protects us from being punished if we repent and believe in Him.


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