Sunday School Quiz – 11th October 2020

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#1 God’s people, the Israelites, had been freed from slavery in Egypt. God had commanded them to pack their things and begin their journey. Where were they travelling too?

Yes, God had promised His people that He would give them their own country where they could live in peace and freedom. It was the land of Canaan and is referred to as the ‘Promised Land’ in the Bible.


#2 The Promised Land was far away and the people had to walk across a wilderness to get there there. How did they know which way to go?

Yes, God guided the people throughout their journey through the wilderness. The Bible tells us that God will guide us through our lives too if we trust in Him.


#3 What did God use to guide the people on their journey to the Promised Land?

God performed a mighty miracle. He sent a huge pillar of cloud in the sky at night and a huge pillar of fire at night. The pillars of cloud and fire would always be visible and showed the people exactly where to go. God will always take care of His people.


#4 You may have heard the expression “Life is a journey”. The Bible shows us that the Israelites journey through the wilderness is a picture of our life. We can know God’s guidance in our life too if we trust in Him. We don’t see a pillar of cloud or fire though! How can God guide us?

Yes, God guides us with the Bible. In the Bible we are told about how we can have our sins forgiven and how we can know God as our Friend and Saviour. The Bible shows us how to live our lives in a way that pleases God which is also the way which leads to true joy and peace for ourselves. The Bible shows us how we can go to Heaven to be with God when we die.


#5 If the Israelites had trusted themselves and refused to listen to the Lord God, they would have become extremely lost. What will happen to us if we trust ourselves and refuse to listen to God in our own lives?

Refusing to listen to God will lead to all sorts of sad situations in our lives. We will not know the joy of having our sins forgiven and of knowing that we will be taken to heaven one day.


#6 By ourselves our hearts are full of sin and we have broken God’s commandments many times. The Lord God tells us that sin cannot enter heaven. Yet God has also promised in the Bible that all those who repent and believe will be saved and taken to heaven. How is this possible?

Yes, Jesus has taken the punishment that we deserve upon Himself. All our sins can be taken away and when God looks at us He sees the perfect life of Jesus. What wonderful love!


#7 The Bible tells us that we must believe and trust that Jesus died for us and also that we must repent. What does it mean to repent?

To repent means to say sorry and truly mean it. Repentance also means that we don’t want to carry on our sinful ways anymore and we ask God to help us with this.


#8 How can we know that our sins will definitely be forgiven if we truly repent and believe?

God has never broken a promise. Just as he guided the Israelites many thousands of years ago to their Promised Land, so He will forgive our sins and guide us all through our lives until we die and go to heaven to be with Him forever.


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