Sunday School Quiz – Lesson 59: A Wealthy Taxman

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#1 What work did Zaccheus do?

Zaccheus was a tax collector.  This meant that he was very unpopular with everyone.


#2 What kind of a person was Zaccheus?

All of these were true of Zaccheus.  It is not necessarily a bad thing to be rich.  However, Zaccheus got most of his money dishonestly, taking it from poor people.


#3 Why did Zaccheus climb the tree?

He was hated by many people (not surprisingly), but he did not seem to care too much what people thought.  He climbed the tree because he was a short man, and that was the only way he could see Jesus – he was very keen to see Him.


#4 What does the word ‘repent’ mean?

‘Repent’ means to be truly sorry for our sin.  We can say ‘sorry’ very easily, but we might not mean what we say.  If we repent, it is because we can see that our sin is evil and has grieved the Lord God (made Him sad), and we are truly sorry for all those things.  If we do repent, we must also believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and He will forgive us, and save us.


#5 Jesus said, “The Son of man came to seek and to save that which was …….

The Lord Jesus came to save lost sinners.  We are all sinners, and we are lost unless we have trusted in the Lord, to take away our sin.  No-one is good enough to go to heaven.  In fact, no-one is good at all, except for Jesus Himself, and He is perfect.


#6 Does anyone have so much sin that Jesus cannot forgive them?

When Jesus died on the cross, that was enough to pay for the very worst sins.  So if we truly repent, and truly believe, He will certainly forgive us.


#7 Once Zaccheus believed in the Lord Jesus, he immediately said that he would repay everyone he had robbed – four times the amount he had stolen from them. All the answers are true except for one ….. which one is false?

Zaccheus wasn’t bothered about ‘looking good’.  Zaccheus was a very different person now, with a new heart, and he really wanted to serve the Lord, and to please Him.


#8 When Zaccheus went to bed that night, he would have been:

If the Lord Jesus saves us from our sin, that is the greatest thing that can happen to us.  We will definitely be full of joy, and no-one can take that away.


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