Sunday School Quiz – Lesson 60: A Street Woman

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#1 In today’s lesson we learnt about a woman who had lived a very sinful life and had spent many years ignoring God’s word. How did most people react to this woman when they met her?

Yes, many people did not want to know her and would try their best to avoid speaking to her because of the sinful way she had lived her life.


#2 The woman heard about the Lord Jesus and she went to hear Him speak. What did Jesus have to say to people like her?

Yes, we all have hearts that are full of sin and we deserve to be sent away from God forever. But the Lord God is so full of love that He sent His Son Jesus to die for us so that our sins can be forgiven. All who truly repent and trust in Jesus can be saved, no matter how wicked they have been.


#3 What did the woman do after she heard the words of Jesus?

Yes, the woman knew she was a sinner, and she was amazed to hear that the Lord still loved her and wanted to forgive her. She truly repented and promised to leave her old, wicked ways behind. She asked God to help her live a life that pleases Him. If we come to the Lord in true repentance, He will forgive us too. We will have new hearts which will be full of joy and we will want to serve Him.


#4 Simon the Pharisee invited Jesus to come to his house for some food. The woman heard about this as she lived nearby. What did the woman do when she saw Jesus?

Yes, she knew that she had to go and see Jesus and tell Him in person that she was sorry for her sins and to thank Him and worship Him for being her Saviour. She took her precious, costly ointment with her so that she could wash Jesus’ feet to show how much she loved Him.


#5 Simon the Pharisee was not happy to see this woman in his house. What did he think when he saw the woman washing the Lord Jesus’ feet?

Yes, Simon the Pharisee thought that this was proof that Jesus could not be the Son of God who knows all things. Simon thought that Jesus did not know about the woman’s past life of sin because if He had known He would not have wanted to speak to her or let her touch Him. Simon did not understand that Jesus knew the women and knew she had repented and that He loved her.


#6 Jesus knew everything that Simon was thinking for He is all powerful and knows everything. He told Simon a parable. What is a parable?


#7 In the parable there were two men who owed another person money. One man owed £50 and the other owed £500. The two men then had their debts cleared and did not have to pay the money back again. Why did Jesus tell this parable to Simon the Pharisee?

Yes, Jesus told the parable to help Simon see that God will only forgive people who realise that their hearts are full of sin and who truly repent. Simon thought that he was good enough for God by himself and had never truly repented.


#8 Simon the Pharisee thought that God would be pleased with him. He was proud of his achievements and thought that God would surely take him to heaven. What things can we do to make ourselves good enough for God and heaven?

Yes, there is nothing that we can do to make ourselves good enough to go to heaven. We sin and break God’s rules every day. But even though we do not love God as we should, He still loves us and He sent Jesus to be punished on the cross for all our sins. He has done everything to save us. All we must do is repent and believe. What a wonderful Saviour He is!


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