Sunday School Quiz – Lesson 65: Revision

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#1 Mary and Joseph were a young couple who were planning to get married. One day they were visited by an angel. What news did the angel bring?

Yes, the angel told Mary that she would have a baby that grow up to be the Saviour of the world. Mary and Joseph did not doubt the angel but trusted that this was God’s great plan.


#2 An angel also visited the shepherds who were caring for their sheep on the hills of Bethlehem on the night that Jesus was born. The angel told them the good news that the Saviour had been born in Bethlehem. How did the shepherd respond?

Yes, the shepherds did not delay but left straight away to see the Saviour. We should follow their example and turn to him today.


#3 The Centurion we learned about came to Jesus because he had a servant that was extremely ill. He asked Jesus to heal his servant but did not want Jesus to come to his house. Why not?

Yes, the Centurion knew he had committed many sins and was not worthy to have the perfect Son of God in his house. He also believed that the Lord Jesus had great power and could heal his servant with just a word. The Lord Jesus knew this man’s heart and praised him for his great faith. Have we realised our own sinfulness? Do we believe that Jesus has power to save all who repent and believe?


#4 Jesus visited the house of sisters Mary and Martha. What did Mary do when the Lord Jesus arrived?

Yes, Mary realised that listening to the words of the Saviour was the most important thing she could be doing.


#5 Zacchaeus climbed up a tree to get a good view of the Lord Jesus as He passed through the town. Jesus knew he was there and called to him. Many people did not like Zacchaeus. Why did they not like him?

Yes, Zacchaeus was a very corrupt man. He stole large amounts of money from people and became very rich whilst they were left very poor. After meeting with the Lord Jesus, he realised how wicked and sinful he had been. Zacchaeus repented and trusted in Jesus. His heart was changed, and he no longer wanted to steal from people. He gave back all the money he had stolen.


#6 A street woman went to a house where Jesus was staying. She did something unusual when she saw Jesus- she washed Jesus’ feet with her tears, wiped them with her hair and then put precious and expensive ointment on them. Why did she do this?

Yes, the woman wanted to show the Lord Jesus how much she loved Him and how thankful she was for the forgiveness He had shown her. Jesus will forgive us too if we truly repent and believe.


#7 We learned about a man who confidently told the Lord Jesus that he was ready to be a disciple and follow Him wherever He went. The man’s words sounded good, but the Lord Jesus was not pleased with this man. Why was Jesus not pleased?

The Lord Jesus can see our hearts and our true thoughts. The Lord will forgive all those who truly repent and believe.


#8 We learned about children who came to see the Lord Jesus and how He loved and blessed them. When is the best time to turn to the Lord Jesus and ask for his forgiveness?

Yes, we shouldn’t find excuses for not coming to the Lord Jesus but turn to him today.


#9 Jesus met a widow whose only son had just died. What did Jesus do to help her?

Yes, the Lord Jesus performed a wonderful miracle and brought the widows son back to life. The Bible says that are souls are dead but that the Lord Jesus can bring them back to life through his death on the cross of Calvary.


#10 Jesus was crucified next to two thieves. One of the thieves realised that Jesus was the true Son of God and repented of his sins. What did Jesus say to him?

Yes, the thief’s sins were all forgiven, and he was taken to heaven to be with the Lord Jesus forever. We too can receive this wonderful gift of eternal life if we trust in the Lord Jesus too.


#11 This series has taught us about many people who met with the Lord Jesus whilst He was on earth. The Lord Jesus is in heaven now so how can we know what He has to say to us today?

Yes, the Lord has given us a complete Bible which is like a letter He has written to us to tell us all about Himself and how we can know Him as our Lord and friend for all eternity. The Lord’s words in the Bible still teach us today.


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