Sunday School Quiz – Lesson 66: The Golden Calf

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#1 In this new series about the people of Israel as they journeyed from slavery in Egypt to the Promised Land, Moses, their leader had to leave them for a short while. Where had Moses gone and why?

Moses had the amazing privilege of receiving God’s instructions directly and receiving the 10 commandments written in God’s own hand.


#2 Even though Moses hadn’t been gone very long, the Israelites got restless waiting for him to return. What did they do?

Even though the Israelites knew that God hated sin, they gave in to temptation, just wanting to enjoy themselves, regardless of the consequences.


#3 The Israelites asked Aaron to make them an idol to worship, instead of God. What did they have to give Aaron?

Paying for the sinful idols of this world is very expensive, not just in terms of money, but damage to our lives and character.


#4 What did Aaron make out of the gold he collected from the Israelites?

Could a golden image of an animal really replace the true and living God? Never!


#5 What did the people do when they saw the golden calf?

They turned their back on God’s ways and all the gifts of intelligence, reason, and self-control that He had given them and became more like animals.


#6 Moses, following the Lord God’s instructions had saved the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, with the promise of going to a wonderful new home. How did the Israelites feel the day after their drunken party?

God created us to worship Him and follow his laws because that is what will bring us long term joy. When we think we know better than God, we fall into sin, which eventually will make us sad and unhappy and lose our place in heaven.


#7 When Moses returned from Mount Sinai with the two stone tablets with the 10 commandments written by God, and saw what the people had done, what did he do?

Moses was very angry that the people had allowed such a great sin to get the better of them. God had created them in His image, but they had chosen to behave like animals, turning their backs on God’s great love. God hates sin.


#8 Just like the Israelites, we are all tempted to sin, breaking God’s laws. We don’t have Moses to lead us, but how can we avoid the mistakes that the Israelites made and avoid the consequences of sin?

None of us can live a life without sinning. Jesus is the only one to have lived without sin and He gave his perfect life to take the punishment for our sins. If we truly repent, ask for forgiveness and believe that Jesus can save us, He has promised to save us and take us to heaven to be with Him.


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