Sunday School Quiz – Lesson 68: Refusing to Enter

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#1 God had already done amazing things for the people of Israel. He had:

God had done all of these things, and many more.  The people had so many reasons to believe that God would take care of them perfectly when they went into the Promised Land, if only they would trust Him.


#2 What is the greatest thing that has God done, that shows His love to us?

God did make a beautiful world, and He gives us good things every day.  But His love is shown most of all when He sent His Son into this world, to die on the cross.  It was almost ‘easy’ for God to create this world, but when He sent the Lord Jesus to die for sinners like us, the cost was huge.


#3 What did the spies bring back with them?

They brought grapes, pomegranates and figs – proof that the land was full of good things, and a lovely place to live.


#4 Did the spies believe that God would take them safely into the Promised Land?

Sadly, only two believed (Joshua and Caleb).  The other ten told everyone that they needed to turn round and go back to Egypt.  They had every reason to believe God’s promise, but they would not.


#5 When God makes a promise, will He keep it?

Yes, always!  God’s word is completely dependable – we can count on Him completely, and He will never let us down.


#6 Why did the spies not trust God’s promises?

The Promised Land was a lovely place.  There were giants in the land, which would have been a bit scary ……  but God is greater than all the giants in the whole world.  The spies had nothing to fear. They didn’t trust God because their hearts were hard – they just refused to believe.  How sad!


#7 What happened to the spies after they refused to go into the Promised Land?

God is very kind and patient.  But the people were so determined to turn away from God, that sadly, God had to tell them they had lost their place in the Promised Land.  This is a lesson for us too, because people who never believe in the Lord Jesus, cannot have a place in heaven.  We must not be like the ten spies!


#8 God promises us that if we believe in the Lord Jesus Christ for ourselves, He will:

All of these wonderful things will be ours, if we repent and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ for ourselves.


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