Sunday School Quiz – Lesson 69: The Brazen Serpent

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#1 The people of Israel were camping in the wilderness. Instead of trusting the Lord, they started to moan and complain. What did the Lord send into the camp which caused everyone great fear?

Yes, the Lord sent many snakes or ‘fiery serpents’ into the camp. It was a punishment for their unbelief and the Lord also used it to teach the people a lesson about how the Lord had power to save them.


#2 The people realised that they had sinned and went to Moses for help. What was the first thing Moses did?

Yes, Moses knew that the Lord was the only one who could save the people. He prayed straight away to the Lord God and asked for his mercy and forgiveness.


#3 The Lord heard Moses prayer and had compassion on the people and made a way for the people to be saved from the poisonous snakes. What did he command Moses to do?

Yes, the Lord commanded Moses to make a brass snake and put it onto a long pole. He was then told to hold up the pole with the brass snake on it so that all the people could see it. This was because a wonderful miracle was going to be performed by the Lord.


#4 The Lord told the people that the brass snake would heal them from the poisonous bites. What did the people have to do to be healed?

Yes, the people did not have to do anything special or complicated. They just had to look at the bronze serpent and they were healed instantly from the poisonous bites. The people could not do anything to save themselves. They simply had to believe the Lord’s promise and look to the brass snake and the Lord would heal them.


#5 The Bible tells us that the bronze serpent is actually a picture of the Lord Jesus Christ. How is this the case?

Yes, The Lord Jesus was lifted up on the cross of Calvary. We also cannot save ourselves but must look to Jesus Christ alone. If we do look to Jesus The Bible tells us- “And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up: That whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have eternal life.” John chapter 3.14-15


#6 How can we ‘look’ to the Lord Jesus?

Yes, We cannot see the Lord Jesus with our actual eyes while we are here on earth. But when the Bible talks about ‘looking’ to the Lord Jesus it means to trust everything we read about Him in the Bible and to believe with all our hearts that He is the One who can save us and forgive our sins. It also means that we will be truly repentant for our sins and will want to live our lives to please Him.


#7 Can you think of a Sunday School hymn which uses this picture of looking to the Lord Jesus and being saved?

Yes, the hymn ‘Look to Jesus weary one’ uses the picture of Jesus being lifted high and speaks of how we should look to the Lord Jesus and our souls will live. See the words below;

Look to Jesus weary one,
Look and Live! Look and Live!
Look at what the Lord has done,
Look and Live!
See him lifted on the tree,
Look and Live! Look and Live!
Hear him say look unto me,
Look and Live!

Look the Lord is lifted high;
Look to Him he’s ever nigh;
Look to Him, why will you die?
Look and Live!


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