Sunday School Quiz – Lesson 70: Jordan & Canaan

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It looks like you might have struggled with a few of those questions. How about another go?


#1 After wandering in the wilderness for 40 years, the people of Israel had finally arrived at the Promised Land. They only had to cross the River Jordan to reach their new home, but there were no bridges or boats and the river was very deep. What did the Israelites do?

As soon as the Lord saw that the people had faith, he stopped the water flowing in the river to allow the Israelites to cross. The Lord always keeps His promises, and just like the Israelites, we need to have faith to trust in His promises to us.


#2 The Israelites crossing the River Jordan to reach the Promised Land of Canaan is a picture of what we have to go through to reach Heaven. What is it that we have to go through?

When Christians die, they leave behind their old, sinful, failing life and body to go to their new home in Heaven. For Christians, death is no more frightening than crossing the Jordan was for the Israelites.


#3 Most of the generation of Israelites who left slavery in Egypt to travel to the Promised Land did not reach their destination but died on the way, not believing the Lord’s promises. What does their journey teach us?

Only Joshua and Caleb survived from the generation who left slavery in Egypt to lead the next generation into their new home. They had remained faithful to God, trusting His promises. We have God’s promise of eternal life in Heaven if we trust in Him. We know from the Bible that God always keeps His promises.


#4 While the Israelites were travelling in the wilderness, they lived in tents, but when they reached the Promised Land, they could finally have more permanent homes. We are described in the Bible as living in ‘tents’, even though we have houses to live in. What does the Bible mean when it says we live in tents?

Our souls are the eternal part of us. When we die, we don’t need our old earthly bodies anymore. In Heaven, we receive a new body that never gets sick.


#5 The Israelites had been foreigners and enemies for the 40 years they were travelling to the Promised land, so they were very glad to reach home and to live safely among their friends and neighbours. Where is ‘home’ for Christians?

Heaven has been prepared for Christians as their eternal home. There will be no more sin and the Bible tells us that Heaven is a place of indescribable beauty and joy. Best of all, we will meet our Saviour, the Lord Jesus, and live with Him forever.


#6 If we go to Heaven, who will we see there?

No sin can be allowed into Heaven, so only those who have repented of their sins and had them taken away by the Lord Jesus will be allowed into Heaven.  


#7 How can you be certain that you will know the love, joy, peace, beauty and gloriousness of eternal life in Heaven?

None of us can ever be good enough to be allowed into Heaven on our own merit. The only way is to repent of our sins and believe that Jesus died to save us. If we do that, we will want to learn more about the Lord and try to keep His laws. Jesus has promised that all those who do these things will be saved by Him and will live with Him in Heaven after death.


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