Sunday School Quiz – Lesson 72: The Rich Fool

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#1 What should be the most important thing in our lives?

Being clever, having a good job and enough money are all very good.  But to know the Lord Jesus Christ, and to know that our sins have been forgiven is more important than anything else.


#2 The man in the parable made a big mistake. What was that?

The man was very clever with his money, and he thought he had everything he could ever want.  But he forgot that his soul had needs too, and that was a terrible mistake.


#3 What sort of a person was the man in the parable?

All the man could think about was his own comfort and wealth. He was not bothered about other people, and most of all, he had no thought of God.


#4 Who can be sure of a place in heaven?

Many people feel quite pleased with themselves.  They may think they are nice people, and probably better than others.  But in God’s eyes we are ALL sinners, and none of us deserve a place in heaven.  Only people who trust in the Lord Jesus can have a place in heaven, and that is not because we deserve it.


#5 What makes a person wise?

The man in the parable was very good at looking after himself, and very successful.  So he was ‘wise’ with his money.  But God said he was a fool, because he had neglected the needs of his soul.  The Bible tells us that ‘The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom’.


#6 Who decides how long we shall live?

It is good to look after ourselves (of course!).  But only God knows how long we shall live, because He decides.  The man in the parable was completely taken by surprise.  He thought he had many years left, but he didn’t – and he wasn’t ready to die.  He is an important lesson to us, that we mustn’t be like this man!


#7 If we have good friends, a good job and enough money, who has given them to us?

If we are clever or artistic or good with people  ….. all these things are given to us by God.  So we should never be proud of ourselves, but thankful to God for everything He gives us.


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