Sunday School Quiz – Lesson 73: The Lost Coin

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#1 In today’s lesson we learned about a parable told by the Lord Jesus. What is a parable?

Yes, a parable is a story that Jesus told which He used to teach us important lessons. Some people remember what a parable is by saying- “A parable is an earthly story with a heavenly meaning.”


#2 The parable was a about a woman who had lost something. What had she lost?

Yes, the woman had lost a very valuable coin. It was worth a lot of money and she needed to find it as soon as possible.


#3 What did the woman do when she realised that she had lost her coin?

Yes, the woman searched very thoroughly and carefully all over her house. She searched up high and down low. She swept in all the dark corners and she did not give up until she found it.


#4 In the parable the lost coin is a picture of us. In what way does the Lord Jesus mean that we are like the lost coin?

Yes, when Jesus told the parable he was using the lost coin as a picture of what our hearts are like. We are lost and far away from God. The sins in our hearts have cut us off from the Lord God our Creator. But the wonderful news of the Bible is that we do not need to stay lost- Jesus has come to rescue us and bring us close to God again.


#5 The lost coin was covered in dirt and dust. It was tarnished and needed cleaning. What is this a picture of in our lives?

Yes, this is a picture of sin in our hearts. Sin stops our hearts from loving the Lord and ruins our relationship with Him. But the wonderful news of the Bible is that we can have our hearts cleaned and made new by the Lord Jesus. He came to save us and bring us back to the Lord again.


#6 The woman in the parable is a picture of the Lord Jesus Christ. The woman rescued the coin. What has Jesus done to rescue us?

Yes, The Lord Jesus knew how sinful our hearts were and yet He stilled loved us so much that He came into this world to save us and die for us. He knew that our sins deserved to be punished. He said that He would be punished for all the sins that we had done on the cross of Calvary and that we could have could be completely forgiven. What wonderful and amazing love He has for us!


#7 The coin was helpless and could not rescue itself. What does this tell us about ourselves?

Yes, we can do nothing to save ourselves from our sins. Some people think that trying to live a good life, giving money to charity, going to church every week will save them but the Bible shows us that trusting completely in the Lord Jesus is the only way to know forgiveness. Jesus has done everything to make it possible for us to go to heaven to be with Him one day- all we have to do is repent and believe in Him.


#8 When the woman found her coin she was very excited and happy. What did she do?

Yes, the woman was so overjoyed that she ran to tell all her neighbours about her discovery. They were all very pleased too and they celebrated together. The Bible tells us this as it is a picture of how joyful it is when a person repents of their sins and turns to the Lord Jesus in true faith.


#9 How does the Lord God/Lord Jesus feel when sinners come to Him in true repentance?

Yes, The Bible tells us – “There is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth.” Luke Chapter 15 verse 10. Every single person who turns to the Lord Jesus in repentance and belief is extremely precious to Him and He rejoices over every single one. The Bible also tells us that it makes the Lord so sad to see people who refuse to repent and believe as He knows that one day their sin will be punished.


#10 How will we feel if we repent and believe and have the Lord Jesus as our Saviour?

Yes, We will know great joy and peace in our hearts. We will know that our sins have been forgiven, that we have a God in heaven who will care for us and guides us through all our life. We will know that we will be taken to heaven when we die and that we will be able to live their for all eternity with our Saviour. Such wonderful love will make us so thankful that we will want to serve the Lord God and tell others about Him too.


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