Sunday School – Lesson 75: The Lost Son

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#1 What kind of a person was the prodigal son?

The son in the parable was all of these, and more!  He had more than he could ever need at home, but he still wanted more. He didn’t care that he had hurt his father badly by taking the money and heading off on his own.  He only thought of ‘ME’.  Do you think we are like this too?


#2 Was it a good idea for the son to take the money and go to a country far away?

He enjoyed himself at first (probably he enjoyed bad things, such as drinking too much and going to bad parties).  But these things were only nice on the surface – his new ‘friends’ would have deserted him as soon as his money ran out.  And he had lost the comfort and love of his family.


#3 What should be the most important thing in my life?

The son in the parable forgot about his soul, and thought he would be happy if he had lots of money to spend.  But money didn’t really make him happy, and when it ran out he had nothing – he was in despair.  If we have a good job or do good things, that’s fine, but they cannot save us from our sin, or take us to heaven.  Only the Lord Jesus can give us true life, now and for ever.


#4 The young man in the parable went to a far country, and things went very badly for him. This teaches us that:

The parable is about a man who tries to get away as far as he can from his father, and he has a very hard time.  This teaches us that until we are saved, our sin takes us far from God.  This leads to great sadness – and unless we repent, judgement for sin.


#5 Is it possible to be truly happy without God?

There are many good things in the world that people can enjoy (just think of this beautiful world around us, and family and true friends).  But we were made to love God and serve Him, and if we are far from God because of our sin, we can never really have true joy.


#6 This man repented of his sin. What does ‘repent’ mean?

Many people regret doing bad things, but only because they were caught, or because life has become difficult.  If we repent, we are truly sorry that we have displeased the God who has been so good to us.  Sin becomes something we truly hate.


#7 Did the man deserve a welcome back at home?

He didn’t deserve anything – and nor do we deserve anything good from God.  The amazing thing is that God has been so kind, to send the Lord Jesus Christ to die for us, so that our sin can be completely forgiven.


#8 What does the father in the parable teach us about the Lord God?

Remember how the father came to meet the son, because he was too weak to get home by himself.  He forgave all his sin, and took him home to a great welcome, which he did not deserve.  The Lord God will do all these things for us, and more, if we truly repent and ask Him to save us.


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