Sunday School Quiz: Lesson 74 – The Lost Sheep

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#1 Which of the following characteristics describe a sheep?

Sheep can be described by all of the above. They are foolish, weak, vulnerable and clumsy/silly creatures.


#2 Sheep need to be looked after by a shepherd. How does a shepherd look after his sheep?

A shepherd leads his sheep to lush pastures where they can feed. He also keeps them together safely in a flock with other sheep so that they do not wander off on their own where dangerous animals could kill and eat them. The shepherd loves his sheep and works very hard to make sure they are kept safe and well.

And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night”

Luke Ch.2 V.8


#3 We learnt in today’s lesson of a sheep that wandered off away from the flock and got lost. What did the shepherd do when he realised that a sheep had gone missing from his flock?

The shepherd immediately went off to look for his lost sheep. It was a dangerous time for the shepherd as he would probably have had to travel a long way over rough ground and mountains looking for the animal. Wild animals such as lions and bears may have put his life in danger too. This shows how much the shepherd loved his sheep.


#4 What happened after the shepherd went looking for the lost sheep?

The shepherd searched very hard for the lost sheep and eventually found it stuck in a pit where it had fallen. He carefully picked up the sheep and carried the scared and hungry animal back home to the flock and to safety.


#5 How did the shepherd react when he found the lost sheep?

He was so happy he told all his friends and neighbours about the joyful news that he had found the sheep which was lost, and they all rejoiced with him.


#6 The Bible describes us as being like lost sheep. Is it a good thing to feel weak, foolish and vulnerable like a lost sheep?

It is good to feel like a lost sheep. It is true that we can often feel strong and able to cope with the trials of life. We can also distract ourselves watching TV or by playing games on our tablets to try and forget life’s problems. It is however a good thing to feel like a lost sheep as this makes us realise that we DO need help in our lives. Unhappiness, sickness, losing a loved one, falling out with friends and family soon make us realise that we are not in control of our lives and that we are weak, foolish and vulnerable. All these distresses are a result of sin entering this world. Sin is the most important thing that we need rescuing from.

“All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way;”

Isaiah Ch.53 V.6


#7 Sin is a terrible thing. It offends Almighty God, it causes us all misery and it results in death. We are all without exception guilty sinners. Sin must also be punished by a just and righteous God who will condemn us to hell if we die with our sins unforgiven. There is hope though as our sins can be forgiven. Who can forgive us our sins?

The Lord Jesus Christ is the only one who can forgive our sins. We must realise that we are like the lost sheep – weak, foolish, vulnerable and helplessly lost in sin and cry out to Him for mercy and to save us.

“I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep…. and I lay down my life for the sheep

John Ch.10 vs.14,15


#8 Why is the Lord Jesus Christ like the shepherd who rescued (saved) his lost sheep?

The Lord Jesus Christ is presented in the bible as being like a shepherd. He seeks out His lost sheep (Christians) to save and rescue them from their life of sin. He did this by willingly taking the punishment for their sins on the cross and all that believe on Him and repent of their sinful lives are His sheep.

“For the Son of man (Jesus Christ) is come to seek and save that which was lost”

Luke Ch.19 V.10


#9 Could the lost sheep have saved itself?

No. The sheep was helplessly stuck in a pit and could not get out on its own. Even if it had got out, it would never have found its way home. Wild animals would soon have killed the poor sheep. This is just like us – we cannot save ourselves. We carelessly wander off in our lives and will soon find ourselves lost and stuck in a pit of sin, in danger of eternal death, unless we cry out for the Lord Jesus Christ to come and rescue (save) us.


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