Sunday School Quiz – 16th August 2020

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#1 Have you watched this week’s lesson?

Make sure you have watched the lesson!


#2 What does a farmer hope to see, when he checks his fruit trees?

A farmer hopes to see that his trees look healthy, that they are growing and producing good fruit.


#3 What does God love to see, when He looks at our lives?

The Lord God loves to see people who truly believe.  People who only think about the Lord Jesus for a little while on a Sunday, and only pray when they are in trouble, are not real Christians.


#4 Can I hide my thoughts from the Lord Jesus Christ?

No!  The Lord can see everything in our hearts – we can have no secrets from Him.


#5 If we are a true Christian, our lives will show ‘fruit’. This includes:

Christians do still sin (often).  But the Lord God gives all Christians a new heart, so that they will become kind, they will love to keep God’s commandments, and they will be very sad when they do things that are wrong.


#6 Does that mean that if I try to be kind to people, God will let me go to Heaven?

No matter how hard we try, we can never be good enough to please God.  There is only one way we can get to Heaven, and that is by repenting, and believing on the Lord Jesus Christ.  No-one except the Lord Jesus has ever lived a perfect life.


#7 What will happen to someone who never believes in Jesus, and never bears fruit for Him?

God is full of kindness and love, but He is also holy (perfect).  If someone never cares about the Lord Jesus, God cannot let them in to Heaven.


#8 This means that I must seek the Lord Jesus:

Seeking the Lord Jesus is too important to put off – we must seek Him now!


#9 Who is a truly rich person?

A Christian has great riches, including forgiveness of sins, peace with God, a Heavenly Friend, a place in heaven and many others.  These are worth much more than money, and they cannot be taken away.  If someone has lots of money, they may not be very happy, and when they die, it will all be left behind.


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