Sunday School Quiz – The Lamb of God

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Well done. If you remember one thing from today’s quiz it should be that Jesus Christ is the only One who can, and Who is willing to, save you from your sins.

Not the best effort. If you remember one thing from today’s quiz it should be that Jesus Christ is the only One who can, and Who is willing to, save you from your sins.


#1 Have you watched this week’s lesson?

We shouldn’t need to ask really, should we?!


#2 John the Baptist described the Lord Jesus is as the Lamb of God. What did John say that Jesus would take away?

John told the gathered crowds that Jesus would take away the sins of the world, meaning that people from every country around the globe would believe and repent and have their sins taken away.


#3 Who do our lives belong to?

Our lives, just like everything else in His creation, really belong to God, the One Who made us.


#4 If you borrow something precious and expensive from a friend and don’t take care of it, but break, damage or ruin it, what should you do?

Of course you should admit what you have done and apologise. So it is with our lives, which we have been given by God. If we ruin and spoil what he has given us then we must admit all our wicked ways and say sorry. Only by repenting (turning away from our sinful ways) and trusting in Him can we be saved from all our sin and its consequences.


#5 Our lives are loaned to us by God and we enjoy all the good things he has made for us. Lots of people live there lives as if God doesn’t exist and rebel against God. What will happen at the end of their life?

Not only will they be without excuse, the Bible tells us that on that last dreadful day of judgement, they will be speechless. But that is not what the Lord God wants. He does not want to have to send people away to hell as punishment for their sins. He is a loving God and longs to save people. Jesus said that every time someone repents and believes that great rejoicing breaks out in Heaven. The Lord God is waiting for you to repent and believe too.


#6 How do we know the difference between right and wrong?

God’s commandments have been written in the Bible and in our hearts. There really is no excuse for not knowing that we are all sinner and that we all need to be saved.


#7 Sin is often compared to a disease in the Bible. Why is that?

Sin is a disease of the heart that spreads and worsens as we get older. If we do not get it treated and cured by the Lord Jesus, then it will lead to us being separated from God and all His goodness forever. (That is what ‘death’ means: being separated.)


#8 Why did John the Baptist call the Lord Jesus as the Lamb of God?

God had taught the people of Israel all about the sacrifice of a coming Saviour through the ritual animal sacrifices of the Old Testament era. Those animals were killed after the people had confessed their sins and put their hands on the animal’s head, showing that sin must be punished by death, but that God would accept the death of another. No one thought that the animal’s death would save them from their sins because they knew that what they were doing pointed to the Lord Jesus Christ – the Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the world.


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