Sunday School Quiz – Lesson 57: An Army Officer

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Excellent – well done! One more question: what does the Lord Jesus think of you?

Oh no! One more question: what does the Lord Jesus think of you?


#1 Our lessons in this series are about people who followed the Lord Jesus. In this week’s lesson the Lord Jesus had arrived in the city of Capernaum; what sort of person did we learn about?

The centurion was an important, high-ranking officer in charge of the whole garrison at Capernaum, with many soldiers who carried out his commands.


#2 The Centurion heard about Jesus and realised that he needed his help. What was it that he wanted the Lord Jesus to do?

The Centurion’s servant was his personal attendant, who was very close to him. He would have already tried many doctors to make him better, but the servant was dangerously sick.


#3 Why did the Centurion believe that Jesus could heal his servant?

The centurion was certain that the Lord Jesus was God and therefore had unlimited power and that all things would obey His commands.


#4 The Jewish leaders were bringing Jesus to the Centurion’s house when the Centurion sent messengers to tell Jesus not to come. Why did he do that?

The centurion was overwhelmed by his unworthiness, knowing that the Lord Jesus knew his innermost sins, seeing into his heart.


#5 The Lord Jesus did not go into the Centurion’s house, nor did he see his servant. Why was the Centurion not worried about his servant anymore?

The centurion demonstrated his great faith in the Lord Jesus, believing that He was the holy Son of God.


#6 What did Jesus do after he received the message from the Centurion?

The centurion’s faith was rewarded. The Lord Jesus will never let us down if we trust in Him like the centurion did.


#7 We all have a sickness that only the Lord Jesus can heal: what is it?

Every person who has ever lived has sinned, with the only exception of the Lord Jesus. Every one of us needs to be saved and the Lord Jesus is the only one who can do that, because He lived a perfect, sinless life and took the punishment for our sins when He dies on the cross.


#8 What must we do to have our disease of sin healed?


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